Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Sixteen

*The Adventure Continues*

June 23rd 2012

VENEZIA! Finally! We only spent the day here and were leaving for Vienna the next day. The camp that night was hectic. What was supposed to be a Masquerade Party turned out to be a massive brawl and people almost being arrested and kicked off the tour. Luckily, they weren’t and it didn’t ruin our group apart from them having to stay sober for the rest of the trip.

I took over 300 photos that day so here is a small montage of photos. 🙂

C. x

montage 1
montage 2
montage 3
montage 4
montage 8
montage 7
montage 9
IMG_7009 edit
montage 6montage 5

4 thoughts on “Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Sixteen

  1. Oh I so want to be in Venice – lucky girl and you do know how to take great pictures – thanks for sharing this so I can feel like I’m on vacation and not stuck in Maine!

  2. Candice! haha im secretly loving all these posts cause im taking all the photos for my own benefit, they’re rad! It’s always interesting seeing shots other people take, what you miss and what they get, from different angles etc. la yo work.

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