Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Fourteen

*The Adventure Continues*

June 21st 2012

We have officially been on Contiki for 2 weeks and it’s out last day in Greece. What am I doing? Wandering the streets looking for a shop that can sell me a replacement phone, because my iPhone went for a swim.

It actually wasn’t too difficult and I ended up finding a really cheap Nokia for about 40 euros which made calls and texts. That’s all I needed.

I relaxed most of the day by the pool until it was ready for our TOGA party! We couldn’t go to Greece and not have a toga party. I was still feeling under the weather as my antibiotics still hadn’t kicked in yet. It wasn’t a late night at all for me.

We had to be up and ready for the coach at 2.00am in order for us to get the ferry back up to Venice so I wanted to get s few hours sleep in so I didn’t sleep during the day.


Pool Views
Pool Views
Relaxing by the pool
Relaxing by the pool
Corfu Village
Corfu Village
Toga Party
Toga Party

*To Be Continued*

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