Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Thirteen

The Adventure Continues*

June 20th 2012

Another marvelous day in Greece. It was filled with MANY, MANY fabulous memories and some not so great ones.

I started on the day with an attempted Skype call with my mum. The first time in 2 weeks that I’d seen her face. Event though the connection was terrible, I was nice to see her smile.

We then boarded the coach headed for George’s Boat. George, a dirty, old Greek man who owns a boat and cruises the water around Corfu with 50 drunk passengers. Doesn’t really seem that bad of a job to me, hey!

















We sailed around until it was time to dock down further along the coast, at a water sports platoon in the sea. They has all kinds of inflatable devices but all I wanted to do was parasail. However, the wind was not right for parasailing and I was left, gutted. We sunbaked on decks chairs on the beach but I got bored and ventured out to the platoon to see what sort of inflatable I could ride behind a speed boat.

I’d never been in a donut before (I know, right!) and a few of the other girls were going together but in single donuts. For 10 euros, I found myself on a donut, behind a speed boat, with 3 other girls around me, ready to bash into one another. My first time on an inflatable donut and I was in the middle of the Greek Isles! YAY! It was amazing and much more fun that I expected.






As soon as I got off the donut, it was announced that parasailing was on and I was in there like a speeding bullet. It was tandems only so I slapped down a cheeky 120 euros and Jayden and I were first on the list. Not lies, I was pretty scared. 3, 2, 1 and we were running down another platoon in the middle of the sea, holding up our harnesses, HOPING our parachute went up into the air. Alas, it did. It was so much more calm than I was expecting. We just sat there, in awe of our surroundings. Two mates, paragliding about the Greek Isles, on our best holiday ever; could it get any better.









It probably couldn’t have got better but it definitely got worse. After all the excitement of paragliding, somehow my bag got knocked off the platoon and into the water. MY ENTIRE BAG! One of the boys jumped over the rails and threw it onto dry land but my phone was soaked. It hasn’t worked since. Luckily, it was zipped up so everything on the inside was dry but because my phone was in an outside pocket, it died on impact. Definitely a set back but nothing too major to dwell over. I still has my iPod for wifi and I could replace my phone, just not everything that was on it. 😦

After the water sports, we cruised around some more, jumped off the side of the boat, went skinning dipping, saw some cool sea lions and bought some killer (very inappropriate) singlet’s. George’s boat was definitely one of the highlights of the tour.

Opps. :P
Opps. 😛
One for the brother!
One for the brother!
Jack Rackham Jolly Roger? I think so.
Jack Rackham Jolly Roger? I think so.

After we got back to camp, I didn’t take any more photos but we had dinner at a restaurant and watched some tradition Greek dancing and funny entertainment featuring potatoes and flames (Not together in the same act though ;)).

Tomorrow was going to be spent looking for a replacement phone.

P.s. In between arriving back at camp and dinner, I believe drinking and sunbaking by the pool, happened again. 😉 Oh the life!

*To Be Continued*

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