Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Nine

*The Adventure Continues*

June 16th 2012

As you probably can gather, more likely than not, every second day is a travel day. Where were we off today? All roads only lead to one place, right?


I was still feeling terrible and run down so I don’t really remember much of the day. I am sure we stopped for food and copious amounts of pringles were eaten but the only memory I have of the day was trying to sleep as much as I could. I awoke to seeing the Colossuem to my left but we kept on driving. I wanted to be excited but I was so tired that I didn’t feel like doing anything but sleeping.

We arrived at the campsite which looked pretty cool with all these wooden cabins but that’s where we were wrong. The cabins looked great, being all wooden, but they kept in the heat something shocking. There were no air conditioners in the cabins so it made for a few restless nights with temperatures still in the mid 20’s overnight.



We went out for dinner in town, in this quaint little piazza, called Piazza Navona. It was full of street artists painting and selling their artwork. We look a stroll around and looked at all the amazing artists before deciding on a small quiet restaurant. I had the best Carbonara I think I’ve ever had (duh, like I’m in the home of pasta!) and our waiter was pretty great considering we were foreign and couldn’t understand him too well. 😛









After dinner, gelati was had by many but not me. All I wanted was bed. Considering tomorrow was going to be an amazing day filled with loads of sightseeing, I wanted to get the best night sleep I could.

C. x

*To Be Continued*

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