Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Eight

*The Adventure Continues*

June 15th 2012

Today was another exploration day with a few small tours at the beginning. We started our first tour in Leonardo’s Leather Works. We got a demonstration on how to tell the difference between cheaper imitation leather compared to the real deal and how they stamp their products using golf leaf. After the demonstration, we had a little bit of time to do a spot of shopping in the gift shop and I bought a leather bound diary and had my initials imprinted with gold leaf. 🙂

Our next tour was a city tour with a local guide. She was pretty informative but the day was sweltering so the tour didn’t last long. Here are some photos of the sights we saw. (Ooohh, there was also some Florentine football on! How awesome are their costumes?!?)



























After stopping for pizza and icecream, the girls decided they would go back to camp and chill. I wanted to stay on though and do some shopping *wink face* so I went off and did my own thing. This is what I came back to camp with.

raspini js heels

They are by Jessica Simpson. I have done a previous post on these but here is a quick run down, if you missed it.

Right outside the Baptistery of Florence was store was called Raspini. I walked into their shop and was just amazed at the display of colour and style available in the Italian summer. I tried on this pink pair of pointy stiletto’s that were in the window display. They were over €300. They felt weird and just not quite right (my bank account was so pleased!) so I said no thanks. I then saw the above pair in another window as I was walking out and fell in love. They were much better priced at €100. After almost missing the coach because I got lost, I got back camp and showed off my new purchase. Some people were a little surprised by them and others really liked them.

It was time to leave for dinner and on the way we were to stop and get a souvenir photo of the group for everyone to keep. It is a great photo and I am really glad I got one. (I didn’t have time to scan it so here is a copy of someone’s from facebook. Group Photo Credit: Alyce Peacock)

Photo Credit: Alyce Peacock
Photo Credit: Alyce Peacock



Dinner was at this small Italian restaurant and we had about 5 different servings. Great on the value for money things; not so great when you are going out later and you’re all bloated from nomnomnoming on so much yummy pasta! After dinner we went to a place called Space Electronic Disco. The downstairs floor was a karaoke bar and the upper floor was a club. We danced and drank until about 2am. We then tried to get a cab which seemed to take FOREVER!






We finally got back to camp and I was feeling so sick and homesick that I got changed into my trackies and hoodie and went down to the front gate of the camp site, to get some wifi and phone signal. I called my mum and balled my eyes out on the phone (remember, I was still drunk at this stage!) saying that I was over being sick and I wanted to come home. I had no idea what time it was back in Australia but at that point in time, I didn’t care. As mum’s always know best, she said I would be ok and to keep taking the cold and flu tablets I had picked up, earlier in the day.

I went to bed still upset but tomorrow I was going to see the Colosseum and that would be amazing!


*To Be Continued*

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