Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Seven

*The Adventure Continues*

June 14th 2012

Today we were to travel from the French Riviera to Florence. I was definitely under the weather. My cold was getting worse and there was nothing I could do about it until we got into Florence.

Mid morning, we stopped in at the Fragonard Perfumery. I had been looking forward to going here because I love perfume but of course, my body had decided to block all my sinuses and not give me any sense of smell, AT ALL! I had to rely on other people’s senses to tell me what things smelt like and what I think I and my mum would like. Here are some sneaky photos that I probably shouldn’t have taken.




Duckie Soaps
Duckie Soaps
Duckie Soaps
Duckie Soaps

After the perfumery, we stopped just over the border of Italy at this little roadside cafe to get lunch and boy, was it amazing. Look how giant these slices of pizza are! I didn’t realize they were that big so I got two. What a fatty!

Ginormous Pizza Slices
Ginormous Pizza Slices
Snacks! Twisties and Milky Bar
Snacks! Twisties and Milky Bar

Fast forwarding to that evening, (after we had checked in and I had caught up with my new buddy, Rob, who was an on-site contiki team member) we took the coach into town and went to a Karoke Bar called Red Garter. I wasn’t in the mood for drinking, due to my cold, so I only had a few but everyone else was buying this MASSIVE jugs of cocktails with MASSIVE straws. They did taste pretty awesome but I just couldn’t handle being hungover and sick.

It was an earlish night for me. I caught the coach back to the camp with a few others and we were going to have a few quiet drinks at the bar which turned into a night filled with bulk dancing and hilarious selfies. Talk a look!




forance mate


florance w

florance q




Tomorrow, we visit Florance and I might buy something small. 😉 Stay tuned!

C. x

*To Be Continued*

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