Black Milk March – Entry Twenty Two

Welcome to my twenty second entry but my first entry for my Black Milk wishlist.

I have run out of items I actually own to show you so as a compromise I have decided to show off items that I want to get. I do not want to run up a few hundred dollars on my credit card (when I just finished paying it off!) just to continue this month’s challenge.

The next piece(s) I want to is/are these!

Tartan Leggings




How amazing are they? I went to Scotland in July last year and when we stayed on Loch Ness, we had a tartan party. These would have been perfect!! Mind you I think I did a pretty good job anyway. What do you think?


I definitely want the red ones but I am not sure out of the blue and green ones. What do you guys think? Blue? Green? Both? Let me know what you think.

You can find these beauties here. (Images also from Black Milk Clothing)

C. x

I really love comments and feedback!

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