Black Milk March – Entry Fifteen

Alrighty, I am running out of pieces to take photos of and I am half way through the month. 😦 It looks as if my financial situation is starting to become a factor and I need to look after that, because frankly, I need BeeJayy (my car) more than I need new leggings. However, there are still a few more pieces I am yet to show you.

(Note: Might be catching up with that new happiness in my life tonight so I am trying to get everything done pronto! 😉 )

I have another pair of leggings to show you tonight. They are one of my favourites.




Beetlejuice Neon Yellow Leggings

I wore these to a Melbourne Victory game a few weeks ago because our away colours are navy and neon yellow. I thought (even though the stripes are BLACK and yellow) they would match pretty great however I wasn’t sure how the crowd would take them. Well let me say, they were an absolute winner. Everyone I walked past just stopped, looked, smiled and said they were amazing. From kids to grandparents, I was feeling the love for my shiny, bright nylon! One bloke even went out of his way to come up to me and say they were the best pants he had ever seen. LOL

I also wore these to the café 2 weeks ago and I got the same response. All the cyclists there were asking me where I got them from because they would be perfect for riding in winter, early in the morning or late at night because they are so bright!

Black Milk, you just brighten everyone’s day. 😀

C. x

Image from Black Milk Clothing

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