Black Milk March – Entry Six (iPhone Ed.)

Prepared myself for a late night so I have sneakily typed this while I was at work and taken the photos on my iPhone so I can sleep as soon as I get home tonight! 😀

Ever since I was in primary school, I have been good at maths. I could count over 1000 before I was in grade 2 and I was completing homework levels about the average grade. It is a well hated subject for millions of students around the world but I am not one of them. I think you either are a math/science person or a english/history person. I was indeed a math/science nerd completing biology, physics and math methods in my final year of school (and the compulsory english subject and an off tangent subject, Food Technology. I guess there is some science to that, kinda ;)). ANYWAY…

Couldn’t find a better to show off my nerd side than wear these!

Pi Leggings! Well ‘sum’med up by Black Milk. “Pi. To 100,000 places. For math nerds and people looking for a tight and shiny alternative to counting sheep.”




Maybe I’ll find a repeated pattern in the numbers and become famous … but I doubt it.


Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing

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