Black Milk March – Entry Five

Another late night. Boxing this time.

Black Milk time! *happy dance*

I wore a bodysuit today, by Black Milk but It is now in the wash so I can’t take a photo of it. I have however, taken a couple of snaps from a pair of leggings I ninja’d off eBay. I saw them in store but the only ones left were in extra small and well, that is just wishful thinking on my part. So, when I saw a pair pop up on ebay, I was like GIMMMMEEEEE!

Pre-WARNING! If you suffer from any medical conditions regarding bright light or colour, please discontinue reading.

No-one? I didn’t think so.


IMG_2283 IMG_2285

So bright and colourful.  I mean, you could play chess on my legs if you really wanted to but you would need really small pieces and sunglasses for glare!  I haven’t worn them yet but when I do, watch out! I might indeed blind you with brightness!  Only one down side to these, I would have liked to see yellow in the mix of colour, possibly remove one of the blues.  Nonetheless, INSANE NYLON!

C. x

Image from Black Milk Clothing

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