Black Milk March – Entry Three

Entry 3 and I need to tell you, I snagged another garment off the Buy, Swap and Sell page today! WHOOPS! 21 pieces and 10 more to go to make the total 31 and have one for every day. There are a few lot on my wishlist but due to already paying off my credit card (again!), I am trying to refrain unless something is limited, then I may reconsider.

May I introduce you to my first bodysuit, style “Chill Out”.






It’s kind of like a bathing suit but like for every day use! WINNING! Cute capped sleeves means no sunburnt shoulders in summer. 😀

The fabric is so vibrant and rich in colour that you will turn heads when you wear it. I, however, am yet to wear this piece but I will. I won’t be selling this any time soon.

My mum loves it. She came in to my room yesterday, when it was hanging on my dresser and she’s like, “What’s this?” I said, “It’s a bodysuit from Black Milk. Same place that makes all my leggings.” She then when on to say it was so pretty and I just looked at her and said, “I haven’t even worn it yet”. She put it down, smiled and walked out. HAHA Nice try Mother!

C. x

Image from Black Milk Clothing

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