Black Milk March – Entry One

A new month and a new photo challenge; with a twist. Black Milk.

What is/who are Black Milk you say?

They are a clothing company based in Brisbane, Australia. They make leggings. Ok, that’s not it. They make AMAZING pieces of art for your legs. Alright, another misleading statement. They don’t just make art for your legs, but your body too! They have branched out from leggings to dresses, swimsuits, bodysuits, skirts and tops. NYLON FOR YOUR ENTIRE BODY!

I bought my first piece just after the new year and it is a very fast growing addiction. I have approx. 20 pieces already in 2 months. That’s an average of 2.5 pieces a week. WHOOPS!

So my thought was so photograph a piece every day, for one month and give you a small description. Obviously, I just said I have 20 and that’s not going to cover the 31 days for this month BUT I would expect for my collection to grow in the next 4 weeks, so I THINK we (meaning you and I) will be ok!

Righto, on to the first piece. I actually wore these today to work. May be slightly inappropriate work wear but it’s Friday and I had new shoes that I wanted to wear and I knew they would look awesome! 🙂

Welcoming Spartan Liquid Silver…



They have a panel of silver nylon over your thigh. The concept of the ‘spartan’ was that it was meant to look like a panel of armour protecting the leg; just like a Spartan’s armour. CHA CHING! I wore it with a black singlet, embellished with studs in the shape of a cross. The shoes I wore were from Novo Shoes new autumn/winter collection. They are suede, covered in spikes and studs also. One could say a “rock chick” combination today.

I loved this look and will probably “rock” it again, some time soon.

Wow, this was fun. Stay tuned for tomorrow piece. 🙂

C. x

P.s. This is not me. I might try include a photo from the website for each post:)

Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing

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