February Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Eight

Terrible, terrible day… My Pandora bracelet is missing and I can’t seem to find it, no matter how hard I try.

I am going to do an extended post of the following picture on the weekend but today’s topic is fashion.

Currently looking at a collection of 20 pieces in 2 months, below is a small snap of some leggings from Black Milk Clothing.

We have:
Witch King Leggings – Ummm… LORD OF THE RINGS! UBER EPIC … LOTR GEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK! Bottom right!
Nairobi Leggings – Those gold beauties in the centre… Almost tribal like! Super fresh!
Insane Graffiti Leggings – Top right > Cute little characters. Each time I wear them I find a different one I haven’t seen!
Scribble Leggings – Have a guess… BULK COLOUR!
Psychedelic Chess Leggings – snagged these off eBay. Missed out when they were instore… Yet to wear but insanely bright!
Hills of Gondor Leggings – Another LOTR piece.. Who doesn’t want maps on their legs?

I am going to write posts on my entire collection so look out for them! 😀


P.s. Look out for some exciting football news tomorrow. 😉


I really love comments and feedback!

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