February Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Five

Today’s topic was a whole new lesson in photography for me.


We aren’t talking about walking trails or horse riding trails; we are talking about LIGHT TRAILS.

I’ve dreamt for a long time about taking photos of busy roads where headlights seem like they are one long continuous beam from one side of a photograph to the other. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home this morning so I had to wait until I got back from training to take any photos with it.

I wasn’t going out again to take some photos of moving cars so I decided to improvise and use a torch seeing as it was my first attempt. Let’s just get a feel for some settings, I said to myself.

I set up my gorillapod on my bedside table and kneeled on my bed in front of the lens. It was on a 10 second timer so I could not only get in the right position but so there was no shake in the camera.

Here are 3 attempts:

ISO 100
4 seconds


This is my second attempt: Maybe getting a little cockier 😛

ISO 100
10 seconds


Third attempt,  BAN Photohgraphy Group


Stay safe lovelies, I am tired and need sleep.  Big day tomorrow.

C. x

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