February Photo Challenge – Day Nineteen

I really need to start putting more effort in to these otherwise I probably should not have another challenge for next month.  I might in actual fact, make it a completely different challenge; unrelated to photography. 🙂

I have been home for a while from boxing and have been sitting in my room deciding what the bloody hell I am going to take a photo of.  Today should be like SUPER easy! 😦

Fun! Yep, something fun.  There is heaps of things I do that are fun but to photograph them, not so easy.  Therefore, I went in with a different approach.  I will find something that is “fun and novel”!

I found the following.


Firstly, 2 bookmarks with tassels! OMG, tassels! I love them! They made reading much more fun.  Scored these from the Shangri La Hotel in Sydney!

Novelty Scissors! They are from Typo, one of the best stationery stores ever!  They cost me about $20 which is a price I would normally pay for scissors, BUT because I’ve been to Paris and climbed the Eiffel tower, I NEEDED them.  Super fun, right?

Nights are getting later and days are getting longer (actually, due to winter they are actually getting shorter, but figuratively because I’m staying up late, days seem to drag!)

I think it’s time for sleep.

Love you guys,
C. x

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I really love comments and feedback!

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