February Photo Challenge – Day Sixteen

Day 16 brings around a topic I did in my 30 Day Photo Challenge in January.

Music .

Last time I photographed what was spinning around in my car and it was indeed a random collection.

I wanted to take some photos of old records we have here at my house by I think my mum moved them to our holiday house because I can’t find them. 😦 Nevertheless, I found something quick because I am tidying up and organizing things so I can go out tonight. 🙂

I left my iPhone on the bench this morning after my run and it was still playing, having a party on its own; so I thought, hey that might do!

Here you go!


I know its not hugely exciting for music but I’m not one who spends masses of money on it. I’d rather buy clothes or shoes. 😛

If you wanna check out my previous post on music, click here.

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I really love comments and feedback!

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