February Photo Challenge – Day Thirteen

Why are my week nights sooo busy? I had training again tonight which means I am posting well after 10.30pm. I have boxing tomorrow night so look forward to another late night post but tomorrow’s topic is much easier than today’s.


If you weren’t aware, Melbourne have some pretty decent bridges… The Bolte Bridge and The Westgate Bridge are the first two that pop into my tired brain. However, I was not driving all the way into the city just to photography these monstrous structures of steel and concrete.

As I just said, I had training tonight which meant staying down in the suburbs and not coming home before 9.30pm. There is a really cool railway bridge in the centre of my town with some colourful graffiti sprayed on the side. Ideally, I would have liked to take a photo of this but unfortunately, today was the wrong day. and I didn’t want to swap topics around because I’d feel like that was cheating

So, did I manage to take a photo of a bridge? Yep. Tick.
Was it a good bridge? No. Cross.
…but it’s still a photo of a bridge on the day where the photo topic is bridges? Yes. Tick.

Here you are!


What I though was extra cool as the train that just happened to chug past while I was taking my shots! (I felt a bit special!) I tired to capture it as well, but I was all in a rush and it looks like just the lights have really shown up.

What do you all think?

C. x

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I really love comments and feedback!

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