February Photo Challenge – Day Five

Semi quick post I suppose as I want to try and catch up on some well needed sleep.

Today’s topic is something starting with M. 

Couldn’t be too hard right?  It wasn’t hard to find subjects but difficult to photograph them so they looked good.

I decided on something that is pretty common at most houses, a MAILBOX!  Coincidently, my house number is 5 and it’s day 5.  HOW ODD!  I was going to touch it up but it wouldn’t feel like my mailbox then, would it?


Here are some other objects I took photos of but decided against using them as my feature image for today.

Matching Jars
Mitsubishi Mivec Motor
Moria Mines Map (Part of “The Lord of the Rings – Map Leggings” by Black Milk Clothing)
Middle Earth Map (Part of “The Hobbit – Middle Earth Map Dress” by Black Milk Clothing)
Mitsubishi Mivec Motor (Again)
Mugs (Again)

In total, I’m 36 days down on my photo challenge for the year.  Pretty happy!  Tomorrow should be another interesting day!

Time for sleep. Goodnight all!

C. x

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