January Challenge Results



Sorry this had taken a few days to get to but the start of this month as been rather busy.

THE GOAL: January Challenge – 80KM of accumulative running

Let’s take a step back to my post on January 22 where I told you that 20 days in to January I had already covered 83.37km.  A huge effort considering that I only JUST made December’s total of 75km. (I had to run on the last day of the month to make sure I made it!)  I then told you that I was going to increase it to 100km.  I had to cover another 20km in 6 running days.



I made it guys! 😀

I am so happy with my results this month. Not much else I can say. There were and still are smiles all around. 108km for the month is a pretty decent effort I think. I hit numerous PB’s this month so cheers to myself! (*chinks glass*)

I am hoping to keep this monthly challenge up and have created another for February.

You’re nearly always better than you think.
C. x


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