February Challenge – The Runnng Style!

As you guys hopefully just read, I completed and smashed my January Challenge. I have decided to do another challenge for February. This will be my 4 month in a row doing this challenge. I finished with 108.37km for the month and GENERALLY you should exceed what you achieved last month so you push yourself to be better but I have decided against it. It’s not that I don’t want to be better; I just have a few extra things starting back up for the year that MAY eat into my running availability.

My football training starts tomorrow and this will be on Tuesdays (and Thursday’s I believe). This is a priority over all other things because this is the main reason for all my hard work over the summer period.

Boxing is still on and until I officially know if training is on Thursday’s, I will be scaling down to one class a week.

Soon, Sunday’s will be taken up with practise matches and possible extra-ordinary training sessions.

I do not want to work/run my body into the ground and be too sore because I haven’t given it enough rest. Wednesday’s and Fridays (normally are running days because the previous day has been all arm/core exercise from boxing) may well become rest days due to the intensity of my football training. Therefore the goal I have set myself for the month of February is 80km.

Yep, same target as last month. However it is just that. A TARGET. I will do everything I can to reach and exceed my target but if my body demands rest, I need to give it what it deserves. My own football season started back in November when I set my very first running goal (read it here) but this is where I need my own results to shine and prove I haven’t been sitting on my ass the whole summer.


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