February Photo Challenge – Day One

Surprise! Another photo challenge!

I loved the photo challenge last month so much (Mainly because I get to use my Canon almost every day!) that I have decided to do another one.

I am a part of a photography group on Facebook called “Beginners, Amateurs and Novices Photography” and a few people in the group are doing a 365 photo challenge. I didn’t join the event because 365 days is a big one to commit to but I have decided to take it one month at a time. Kevin (one of the admin guys) posted their list for February and I asked him if it was ok if I used it for my own blog photo challenge. He said “of course” but I had to post my photos in the group as well. 🙂 No issues there.

Here is the list of topics for the month!


As you can see, the topic for day one is cars. I went outside after work to try and take photos of BeeJayy and my brother’s car but they were dirty again due to rain and winds stirring up the dust. I did take some photos anyway because I needed something to post about until I came across this on my back to my laptop.


It’s a remote control car! A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. I got given it as a present a few years back. It came with another car, a Subaru WRX, which my boyfriend at the time got, so we could race each other.

How’s that for thinking outside the square? 😛


Another day down, 27 more days to go.


One thought on “February Photo Challenge – Day One

  1. hehehe Glad to see im spurring you on to use your camera more! Excellent to see people excited about this challenge so thank you for sharing!

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