New Stuff!

Do you notice anything different?

For you new comers, you probably have no idea what I am talking about.  However, for you regular visitors, take a look at the new theme I have added! I like this a lot better than the old theme I have been using.

I didn’t go and fork out mountains of cash to upgrade the theme.  In fact, I was a tight ass and didn’t pay for it at all.  I just used one of WordPress’s free themes.  It was a change from Forever to Ever After.

I had to play around with the widgets as the “Forever” theme has displayed on the sidebar.  With the introduction of the new “Ever After” theme, they are all displayed in the footers at the bottom of the page.

This also gave light to a new “custom menu” I have added into the footer.  Instead of having my entire blog roll displayed, (which takes up quite some room and makes my page look messy and unbalanced) I decided to create a ‘Top Ten Reads” list. They aren’t in any particular order but I love logging in every day to see what each of these amazing people have posted.  (To anyone else I am following and your name doesn’t appear in the top ten, please don’t get offended.  I have been following some of these blogs for quite some time and who knows, eventually maybe you’ll make it in if you keep up the blogging!)

Here they are:

The adventures of Amy, a 20 something year old lady, from New Zealand.  I found her blog while trying to find some fitness inspiration.  Now I follow her progress and try to keep up the encouragement! 🙂

Another Girl in a Fantasy World
Life stories of a 17 year old girl who is trying to find her place in this world.  (She also happens to be my cousin). 🙂

Lover of the Rad and Fab
This is the blog I have been following the longest! I found Whit when I was looking for some travel inspiration.  If you want to read about a real life fantasy boyfriend/fiancé/wedding, her adventures with new hubby James are to die for and have made me tear up several times. Absolutely gorgeous!

Jay Corp Productions
Jayden Ordner; musician, philosopher and world traveller.  I met Jay on my Contiki trip in June 2012 and we have been great buddies ever since.  Did I mention we got “engaged” in Monaco? 😉 Ok, I am kidding but it is a running joke. 🙂

Random Happenings of the Camera Happy
A daily post/photo blog for Danni, another Contiki crew member.  We didn’t talk a huge amount on tour but ever since the tour has ended, we seem to talk all the time!

Leanne Cole Photography
Being new to photography, I was looking for some blogs to not only help me take better photos but also to learn how to post edit photos well.  Leanne is amazing and she is lives in Melbourne too!   She is a regular and likes my posts often! (Thanks Leanne!)

Another travel/photography inspired blog which I have been following since before I booked my Contiki.  Lauren takes amazing photos and has been to places I’ve only dreamed about.

Wings of Love and Faith
This is a newly started blog by Hailey Mae, an American girl, who is a self-diagnosed Pinterest addict. She is devoted to God and counts her blessings every day.  Even though I am not very religious, I read every post and it brightens my day to see someone so happy and content with their life.  I don’t know this girl from a bar of soap but I think she is one tough cookie!

Peppermint Peeptoes
I came across this amazing shoe gallery blog when I was bored one day at work.  I find myself regularly browsing, wishing I had more shoes! It is dangerous. 😉

Do you see media?
A blog about a new TV project created by C_Media.  It’s called “The Snatch Project” and is a pre-production/work in progress.  The CEO happens to be my buddy Luke, who also owns Top of the Range Tearooms, where I work on Sundays!  It’s a long time in the making but I am sure it will be all worth it. 😉

I am now looking at registering a few of my own domain names and when I finally have time, I want to complete a short course in web design and photography so I can actually create my own website.  Everything is coming together nicely and I am quite happy with the progress of my blog. I may pay for a premium upgrade eventually but at the moment, a standard blog is all I need.  Take a look at the blogs above.  They are all exceptional.

C. x



7 thoughts on “New Stuff!

  1. loving the new look! …i even toyed with the idea of using this theme. it looks great! and THANK YOU so much for your kind words. it made me smile so much…i had to make james read it too! ha! you rock…keep it up!
    ….ps – it makes me feel bad that i still owe you a letter AND craft! : )

    1. Don’t feel bad sweet! Marrying James was a little more important I think. 🙂 You have the rest of your life for letters and craft. Good men don’t always come along. 🙂 Stay amazing! xx

  2. You are such a sweetheart!! Thanks for the mention and thanks for such kind comments! I too enjoy your posts because they are always so encouraging and entertaining. 🙂 You write in a way that feels personable which I love!

    Oh, and you definitely nailed the pinterest thing. 😉

      1. Haha! Who knew “pins” could say so much about someone. 😉

        I am sure I have some high heels pinned to satisfy your shoe fetish lol!

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