30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Thirty.

Well, lads and ladettes, day 30 is upon us. It would seem that today is my last post. I decided to finish off with a topic that should have been easy; however with the lot I have at home, nothing is ever easy.

Today’s topic is family and what a crazy, idiotic bunch they are!

I tried to get some normal photos of them but my brother kept pulling these ridiculous faces. As pay back, I am going to upload them, stupid faces and all.

Please feel free to laugh.

C. x

P.s. The father dearest was camera shy, therefore only pictures I got were of my mum and brother.
P.p.s. January isn’t finished, so I might have an extra post tomorrow. Only because I know you guys are loving this challenge. 😀

Can't take them anywhere...
Can’t take them anywhere…

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