30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Eight.

Woooo. A public holiday here in Australia in leiu of Australia Day falling on a Saturday!

This meant I got to catch up on some well lost sleep and a day of relaxing. I planned on washing BeeJayy today (therefore he would look suave for my photoshoot) but alas, that didn’t happen. To be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered. He is going in for a service on Wednesday so they can wash him for me. 😀

Well, there is a hint. BeeJayy was going to be in today’s post. Any ideas on what the topic might be?

Cars? No. (Too much of an easy guess!)

Today’s topic is Transportation.

After not washing BeeJayy, I decided that I couldn’t use him in my shoot because he is awfully dirty; which meant I needed to find a new mode of transportation to take some photos of.


After organizing dinner with a friend earlier in the week, I remembered this train was at the end of his street! PERFECT! Although it has a fence around it now so small children cannot fall off it, I think it’s pretty AWESOME! I remember climbing on it without a fence, back when us kids were reckless! LOL!

I lost the sky a little in this shot but I am still working out how to fix that.


C. x
(Ps. Sorry for not capturing the entire train and having that small dark blue patch at the top. It’s actually part of the fence. I tried to fit my lense in between the poles, which I managed to do, almost.)


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