30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Seven.

We are into the home stretch for January. Only 4 more posts after today!

I’ve left it to the last minute, AGAIN, because Andy Murray is playing Novak Djokovic in the men’s singles final of the Australian Open and I’ve been distracted.

I’ve taken a few pics quickly (as I want to get back to watching the tennis) for today’s topic. It is My Weakness.

I think I’ve left it so late was because I already knew, 27 days ago, what this is.

It is shoes. Mostly heels but shoes nonetheless. More often than not, if I can’t decide on one shoe out of two in a store, over 50% of the time, I will buy both. My mum no longer says anything when I bring home a pair (or two) she just looks and says nothing. 😛

Here’s the proof of not being able to decide. (I am still using Fotor to college my photos. I love it!)


I really liked the blue and red but…


But I couldn’t go past the pink and orange.

During the week I received my football boots for this season. After being lost at the depot and me stressing like the world was going to end, they finally turned up. I really don’t need a new pair of boots every season but I love seeing what Nike bring out every year. Again, a sucker for another new pair of shoes.


What is your weakness?

C. x

I really love comments and feedback!

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