30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty One.

Before I start, I have to explain the situation then the confession.

Today, a big grass fire began in the next town south of mine. It caused a lot of smoke, naturally, therefore the skies were hazy and not very photogenic.

Due to the situation, it is only fair that I tell you my shots tonight are from a couple of nights ago. They at least provide you with something to look at, rather than a hazy white photo. I feel like I am cheating a little but they are definitely better. (One little slip up isn’t going to hurt.)

Today’s topic was sunset.

I am a little disappointed that these aren’t from today but I am also happy on how they turned out.

I played around with the CA [creative auto] setting and changed the colour to vivid.  This just boosted the depth of the colour.  I think it looks great.


I really love comments and feedback!

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