30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Thirteen.

Tonight’s blog post is another short one because I need to make my way over to a friend’s house to watch Liverpool take on Manchester United at Old Trafford. Hopefully we come away with 3 points!

No beating around the bush. Something from your handbag is today’s topic.

Pretty easy for us girls really.  I probably should have taken the shots during the day to avoid having to use the flash but nevermind.

Here you go.


My Harrods wallet, obviously from Harrods in London.
My keys to BeeJayy (which also has my house keys attached)
My Pandora bracelet
My beaded bracelets from mum (They were her travel gift to me, so I’d have something to remind me of her all the time, awww <3)
My bottle opener key ring from Munich (with a pic of me drinking an entire stein of beer.  Let’s say I was a little drunk!)
My turtle key ring from Hawaii (A gift from Gerard from his holiday.  I named him Spence.)
…and last but not least, my trusty $10 fake ray bans…

No real big surprises in my handbag, unfortunately.

C. x

(P.s. Fitness update tomorrow. Stay tuned!)

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