30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Ten.

It’s days like today I wish I was ten again. (Ha, day’s and ten! DAY TEN, Genius!) You have no worries in the world and you have the world at your feet. (Some still say I have it at my feet being 23, but that’s for another day and another life lesson) Your biggest concern is that tiny bit of math homework you brought home and what time you’re going to come back from your bike ride with your friends. You could build cubbies and forts and no one would question why.  You were a kid and that’s what kids do. I’ve never forgotten dad’s face when he said “Make sure you are home before exactly 8.30 or there WILL be big trouble.

All I’ve done today at work is “run around like a blue arse fly” organising freight and packing orders. I have started this post early because I don’t fancy staying up until 12.00am again to finish it.

Childhood memories are priceless and they stay with you forever. I was lucky. I had someone my own age to play with all the time, having a twin brother. (Although, now, I don’t know what runs through his head. Honestly! Take a look here if you haven’t read about the Grenade Saga.)

If you haven’t guessed already today’s topic is a childhood memory.

From what I remember as a child, I would say I have about 13-14 years worth of memories to pick from.  I believe you start to retain decent memories when you are between 4-5 and have all the way until your are about 18 to be called a “child”. Really, most people nowadays still believe they are children, even at the ages of 18+. How am I going to decide on one memory out of 13 years worth? It came to be pretty easy, once I started thinking about it as I have to be somewhere after work and a great memory I have is right on the way to where I need to be. EASY PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!

It’s Thursday, which means I am going to my new boxing class and it also means I get to see and have dinner with my Nanny and Poppy.  They were a big part of my childhood and are still a big part of my life.  I call in there when I can, just to say hello and for some reason it always seems to be around lunch or dinner time! (I swear I don’t do it on purpose, it just happens!) I remember sleeping over there, Nanny taping cartoons for Josh and I during the week and being allowed to have ice-cream even if we didn’t eat everything on our plate.  Josh and I always felt so spoilt.

We also used to go on adventures (because it was safer back when we were 10) out to a couple of local parks near Nanny and Poppy’s, where we came across a skate pipe.  It was huge to us and we used to sit on our bums and slide down because skateboards or bikes were too scary.  Well, here it is, 13 years after I last went on it.

C. x

P.s. I’d still be scared to ride down it but it was amazing to come back here and revisit old memories! ❤


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