30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Nine.

So when planning each topic for this month of January, I was looking at several challenges from other people and combining their ideas with my own. I also looked at some writing challenges so you could say today is more a combined effort.

Let’s jump right in. Today’s topic: A detailed description of your day.

Today, DAY NINE, was a little tougher to complete because I was quite busy at work and I couldn’t take as many photos as I would have liked.  Here you go…

My day started with me waking up to my alarm at 6.00am.  I thought, yep 5 more minutes and I’ll get up.  The next thing I hear, apart from my radio still blasting away is tranquil music and birds cheeping.  Oh no.  My phone alarm.  6.50am. I had slept in almost an hour.  My body must have been exhausted.  I dashed through the house like a mad lady, organizing what clothes I was going to wear, what I was going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 7.25am comes around and I am bustling my way to BeeJayy, arms full of bags. I will still make it to work on time, I thought, providing I have enough juice to get me there. Indeed I did. Relief washed over me like rain on a hot day and from there I belted out Taylor Swift all the way to my second home.  Venture Tape.


I chowed down on my breakfast. Weetbix again.  There is no photo.  It didn’t look dissimilar to my photo on day two, so squint your eyes and imagine. Next, I checked my emails. Nothing that requires me to act, just a few I need to have background information on.

As it is only the second week of the new year, my work is still running on skeleton staff which means I need to process the orders, pack the orders, send the orders then invoice the orders.  (No one else apparently knows how to or is willing to be taught, because really, it’s not their concern nor in their job description. Sorry, raging off on a tangent, back to the story.) I also need to keep my boss organized and up do date with is happening while he is away and keep my normal work duties up to date.  It wouldn’t be too difficult if people offered a little bit of help but common courtesy in this world seems to be going out of fashion very quickly.  I managed to key in all the orders we had so far and stack, strap and wrap them, all by myself.  (I don’t have a forklift license so I have to get all the stock by trolley then drag the pallets around and lift boxes over 1/3 of my body weight. Good gym work out for your arms!)

IMG_0507 IMG_0510IMG_0511 IMG_0512IMG_0513

I may have been convinced by my boss to have pizza for lunch but I didn’t take any photos.  I didn’t want to tempt any true and keen fitness people out there but my goodness, it was amazing.  A margarita pizza with salami and capsicum with an apple juice. Mmmmmm

After we got back from lunch, I scoped Facebook and invoiced the stock I has sent out.  By this time, I had hit the wall mentally and was exhausted.  My boss still wanted this plan drafted so I took in some supplements and powered on. IMG_0526


By the time we finished the plan, I filled my car with fuel and drove home, it was well past 6.30pm.  I decided to go for a run before eating dinner as I didn’t fancy feeling sick half way though. After smashing out a 10km run on the treadmill on Sunday, I wondered how my body has recovered.  (Look, I just woke up from falling asleep so I only have 11 minutes to post this, so it will be a “briefer” detailed post now 😉 )


I pushed on and combined my 5.6km course with my 6.0km course.  Of course some parts in both courses are the same so I can’t just add 5.6km to 6.0km.  The total combination of both courses was 9.0km.  A personal best for myself in running outside.  (eeekkk, nine minutes!)

I ate dinner. Again no photo.  I was way to hungry to remember. Left over pasta. Insanely amazing.

(I may have snuck in some low fat icecream and blueberries, look!)


A steaming hot bubble bath after dinner has made me very sleeply and with 4 minutes until 12.00am, my post ends here with a picture of awesome fluffy bubbles.

C. x


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