Always One In A Crowd

I came home last night after work to find out my brother, Josh, had gone fishing with a few of his mates.  No biggie.  I went about my business like normal.  Uploaded my daily photo, went for a run, had dinner and chilled out on the couch after a cool shower.  Pretty standard work night really.  It wasn’t until I called my mum to see how her day was, when all the excitement happened.  Not from my mum’s conversation but Josh arriving home while I was on the phone. Explain you say? I will try my best… Here goes…

While talking to my mum about the uneaten gingerbread house roof I have on the bench, Josh puts a small plastic bag in front of me with something heavy and rusty in it.  I open the bag, while still chatting away to mum and I’ve got no idea what this object is “What is it?” I said.  He smiles and says “It’s a grenade, I found it while I was fishing” Oh yeah, cool story bro, SORRY, WHAT! A GRENADE?!?!

My next thought wasn’t what if it blows up?  (hahahaha it should have been!)  It was more like, “That is super cool!” and then I proceeded to tell my mum, who was still on the phone, “Hey mum, Josh found a grenade!”

She was confused on what we were talking about. I said, “A grenade, like a bomb.” Her next words, “WHAT IF IT GOES OFF? WHY DID HE BRING IT HOME? IS IT IN THE HOUSE? WHY?”

After Josh and I laughed in hysterics at his stupidity and the fact that we and both Josh’s mates were still alive, I got off the phone to mum and went back to watching Jaws on TV.  Josh  comes back in from outside and says, “You’re not going to bed any time soon are you?” At this point, it is probably just before 10pm.  I said, “No, I’m watching Jaws.” and he proceeds to tell me that not only the police were coming to our house but the military bomb squad too! SAY WHAAATTT! How cool, I though!

Turns out, Josh has called my uncle who had done a little training with the Army and he told my brother that you never know if this was a faulty one and it possibly still could be live.  I think Josh felt a little guilty for bringing it home and the novelty of owning a grenade had worn off very quickly.  The police questioned Josh for a while and said “Why on earth would you bring it home? He answered honestly and said, “I really don’t know.  I just though it was cool!”  We (more importantly, Josh) didn’t get in any trouble.  The police were really good about it all.

After speaking with the police for a while, he asked me if I was going to take some photos of it before it gets taken away. I asked him if I was allowed.  He said yes but just don’t touch it. (He even asked me to email him some of the photos! SNEAKY!  I guess you wouldn’t come across possible live grenades every day!)

Here are a few photos. It definitely will be a laughing matter for weeks, maybe even months to come.

C. x

P.s. What sort of silly things have you bought in to your possession that turned out to be dangerous/possibly dangerous?


3 thoughts on “Always One In A Crowd

  1. “P.s. What sort of silly things have you bought in to your possession that turned out to be dangerous/possibly dangerous?”

    Does your brother’s hand in mine count as dangerous!? Because he’s INSANE!

    Love how you did the photos too babe! You’re defs getting better at this xx

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