30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Five. (Galaxy III Edition)

As DAY FIVE of my photo challenge began I thought today’s topic would be super easy. So easy that I left it until the last minute and as yesterday suggests some topics are harder than once thought. Well, the talk of the town today is books.

I literally have hundreds and this is why I thought it would be easy.  Have you ever tried to take a photo of a book? One that looks natural? I found it really hard. I could have just snapped my current read but I wanted to make it look more interesting.  I don’t really like how the shot came out but nonetheless is it a photo.


I am currently reading ‘Club Dead’. Book 3 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries written by Charlaine Harris. (They are better known as the Sookie Stackhouse series) The TV series ‘True Blood’ is based on these books.

I must tell you when and where I bought this series. BULK bargin buy. (Look, I know it’s off topic of my photo challenge but I was so stoked!) I was sitting in my room at a student accommodation building in Edinburgh, Scotland after arriving back from a 7 day tour. I had already read and sent home the two books I took for my holiday and I needed something to read for the 5 hour train ride back to London. I googled book shops in Edinburgh and one came up that was across the other side of town and I thought why not. I’ll get a good walk in before bed. (Side note: I wanted to buy thiss series here in Australia but each book is worth at least $20 and there are 12 books in the series) I walked in to this shop, looking for a book called Rapture, written by Lauren Kate. They didn’t have it BUT I look across to the shelf that says 3 for £5 and here is the first 9 books of Harris’s series. That’s £15. That’s less than $30. Where was I going to fit 9 extra books? I didn’t know and honestly I didn’t care. I’d find a way when I got back to London. £15 broker, 9 books richer! 😀

I have also started reading J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy, which my mum bought me for Christmas. (I don’t normally read two books at once but I really wanted to see how this one is) I am a huge fan of hers, reading the entire Harry Potter series multiple times. I know this book will be nothing like Harry but a lot of fans think it somehow could be connected because they don’t want the journey of Harry to end. Unfortunately ladies and gents, it has. 😦 *tear*

Check out my page “The Stack” for books I’ve completed in my small library.

C. x

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