Keeping Up Tradition

There is only about 6 weeks until I start proper preseason training for football and it is normally around this time I start looking for my pair of boots for the season.  Out here in sunny Australia we tend not to get the full extent of the new ranges bought out by big boot companies like Nike and Adidas, unlike the UK and Europe where football is huge and their range is extensive.

After buying my first pair of boots from Rebel Sport for season one and two, I came across a website called Pro Direct Soccer at the end of season two and haven’t looked back.  Their range is INSANE and they don’t do just boots but clothing and training gear too! Take a look here.  If you are looking for shipping to Australia then you have to purchase off the UK site but if you live in the USA, Germany or Italy, they have their own websites.

In my second season, my coach said in passing “There is no pink on your boots, what happened? I told him, “Next season, wait and see!”.  Every season from then on, my football boots have contained pink, even if it is only a swoosh. (Yes, you are correct.  I do buy a new pair for every season now, even if there is nothing wrong with the previous pair. ;))  Here is the timeline. (I don’t have a photo from my first pair so the pic below is not dissimilar to what they look like.  They were Tiempo’s but I tend to like the Mercurial’s better, as you can see by the progression)

Season One and Two(Photo here)
Season One and Two
(Photo here)
Season Three
Season Three
Season Four
Season Four
Season Five
Season Five

That brings us to this season.  I have been scoping Pro Direct over the last few weeks and I have found my new pair for this season. Introducing Mercurial Miracle in black, white, pink and blue…

 Nike Mercurial Miracle III CR FG Boots
Nike Mercurial Miracle III CR FG Boots – Photos here

They are pretty amazing and I already know they are going to feel great out on the park.  A buddy of mine from the men’s side has his already and he said they are perfect. I am getting my initials stitched into the side along with my club shirt number. CL 5 😀 KEEN!

… but wait, there is more…

Slightly side tracked by mass excitement, I came across the Nike 5 range… Bulk bright colours of neon pink and yellow. (Those colours are very ‘in’ this season… but back on to the subject).  They are an exclusive nike futsal shoe but I tend to use them just as casual sneakers when I want an eye catchy look.  I have one pair already in neon pink and blue.


I couldn’t help myself and i know many people here wont have them so I bought a couple of pairs.  Let’s just say I’ll be working hard a little bit longer to pay this haul of beauties off!


Nike5 Elastico Boots – Pink/Volt – Photos here


Nike5 Elastico Pro Boots – Pink/Volt/Pink – Photos here

I have a feeling my mother won’t be very happy with these new purchases but they are so amazingly awesome, how could I not have them?  I will post up my own pictures when they arrive, which should be next week hopefully.

Postage was pretty cheap actually come to think of it.  I am having three pairs shipped over, it takes 4/5 working days and it only costs me $40 to ship.  I think that is a bulk WIN!

I think I’ve rambled enough about them, so take a look at Pro Direct (they also have a range of different websites for different sports, eg: Rugby, Tennis, Running) if you wish to know anymore.

C. x

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