30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Four.

I’ve made it past half way of the first week. Yay! Today’s topic was actually a little difficult due to environmental factors.  I wasn’t a storm chaser but a cloud chaser.  Yes, today’s topic was clouds.

Scorching temperatures of  40 degrees plus and gale force winds in Melbourne made today’s topic difficult because there were NO CLOUDS!  How am I supposed to photograph clouds when there weren’t any?  Luckily, on my way home, when the apparent cool change was supposed to be happening (it would still be mid 30’s here and it’s 10.23pm), a few small clouds appeared in the sky.  Randomly pulling over on the side of the road, (may have not been the safest but…) I jumped out and tried to get a few snaps but within a minute of me pulling over the clouds were gone.  The wind must have been so intense that it was blowing them away, literally.

This is what I came up with.  They aren’t great, but I never said they would be. 😉

Until tomorrow’s entry,

C. x


2 thoughts on “30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Four.

  1. Loving your photos from this challenge! It’s always interesting to see everyone’s different perspective on these daily photography journals. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest!

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