30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Three.

Sorry for the late post guys.  I finished work late and had to run a few errands for my boss and hit up a new boxing/gym class. (Post soon on how that went!)  However, I am still here and posting on DAY 3.  Today’s topic is a favourite place.

Field of Dreams

The one place I feel free and as close to my real self as I can be is a football field. (This one wasn’t great but with work and such it was the best I could find in a hurry. Sorry guys)  To me, there is no better thrill than walking on to a freshly cut pitch, boots perfectly clean, shirt crisp and tucked in and feeling like you are going to play with everything you have and give 110%.  I absolutely adore football and am very disappointed in myself of late because I have seem to lost some passion I once had for the game.  However, things are looking up again with our registration day at the beginning on February, being moved up a grade to state league and I ordered my new boots/cleats today! (POST SOON!!! :D)  I tend to go through fazes during the season but I always come around and see the best side of this wonderful sport. This field (well, not this just this one but any field you play on) really is a “Field of Dreams”. ❤

C. x

P.S. Work has been very inconsistent so I haven’t has a huge amount of time to work on my 30 day list.  I will have it completed by week-end. 🙂 Promise. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s challenge. It could turn out to be quite difficult. 😐 We will see. 😉

P.P.S. Check out this field.  It wasn’t taken today but I did take the photo, when I was there on July 10th 2012.. It is Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England. Perfect surface.

Perfect "Field of Dreams"
Perfect “Field of Dreams”

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