January Challenge

After just completing my December challenge, I have decided to keep it going this year and up the anti for January.  I haven’t made an unreasonable goal compared to last month; really only one more day of running instead of sitting on the couch.  This month’s accumulative total is 80km. Yep, only 5km more than last month.  My theory was that if I could push my limits a little bit more one month at a time, the distance wouldn’t seem so overwhelming.  As I said, it’s only one more day outside running compared to last month.  I SHOULD be fine.

I ran an amended track tonight. Instead of cutting through the local oval, I ran the entire property right side boundary.  I only added 400m to my course but every little bit counts.  I am aiming to alternate between my two long tracks on proper running days then throw in a few shorter runs on my “off” days.

Only a short post tonight. My body is exhausted.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo challenge.



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