30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Two.

Today is DAY TWO of my photo challenge. (Two from two at the moment! Success! ;))

Today’s topic is Breakfast. Yep, that really important meal at the beginning of the day.  It helps kick start your body and metabolism for the full day ahead but I know a lot of people skip breakfast, thinking coffee or a cigarette will be sufficient.  I was one of those people. ( Not the coffee or cigarette type though) I just used to wait until morning tea at school to have my first snack of the day but was finding it hard to concentrate well in my early study periods.  I swapped from not having breakfast to having it and my concentration did improve. (…Depending on the subject ;)) Anyhoo, this morning,  I had two weetbix with sultanas and milk. Ever so exicting! 🙂

I am working on the list for each day.  I have got it written down but I need to be on my home computer rather than my work computer to totally complete the design.

Do you eat or skip breakfast?

C. x


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