December Challenge Results


The month of December has finished and a new year has come about which means new goals, new laughs and more fun being a year older. However, I’ve been really slack in keeping you guys up to date on how my December Challenge was going.

Does anyone remember what my goal was? No? Well, I’ll let you know this time but please try remember okay? 🙂 Great. Thanks.

I posted my goal of 75km of jogging/running on the 3rd of December and gave you a current total on my post from 11th December.  Since then, I haven’t given you an indication on whether I was going to make my goal or not.  I thought 75km was pretty achievable but turns out it was a little more difficult than I once thought.  I let it get down to the wire, having to run on the last day of the month in order to get close to my goal.

How many km’s did I clock up for December? *DRUMROLL*

run distance

I made it. JUST!

I however “killed two birds with one stone” yesterday.  I knew I needed to run 3.683km in order to reach my 75km goal and I had been speaking to Gerard (yep, that important, wonderful fitness buddy of mine) on how I wanted to be able to run the bottom pondage at Lake Eildon by the end of summer. I used Daft Logic to approximately map out the distance of the run and it came in at 4.6km. I knew and my brain knew that my body could handle up to 6km non-stop but with sweltering heat yesterday it was going to be a challenge.  I left my run as late as possible in a hope it would cool down just that little bit more.  On the run, it wasn’t about the distance, it was about the thrill of completing something I said I’d be able to do by summer’s end.  I’d smashed that by 2 months. The smile on my face at the end was priceless.

I have set a new goal for this month.  Keep an eye out for the post tomorrow. 🙂


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