30 Day Photo Challenge – Day One.


In order to give blogging a good crack this month, I have decided to complete a 30 day photography/writing challenge. I don’t think I could be a post-a-day blogger just yet, but hey, I might get there. 30 days is a good challenge for me at the moment because I am trying to fit in with my monthly fitness challenge and working two jobs.

I am still working on the odds and ends of the design for the list (hopefully I’ll get that up and posted tomorrow) but today’s topic is a pretty generic topic for DAY ONE. Me, myself and I! Here is a photo of me today (What a great self portrait! 😉 I was experimenting with my new Gorillapod) with 7 random facts.


Random Fact Number One: I hate power points that are turned on but have nothing plugged into them.
Random Fact Number Two: I’m scared of spiders.
Random Fact Number Three: I don’t like odd numbers.  The exceptions are 5 (my footy number) and 7 (my favourite number).
Random Fact Number Four: I hate the corners of my books being bent.
Random Fact Number Five: I have the Jolly Roger of John “Calico Jack” Rackham hanging in my bedroom.
Random Fact Number Six: Until I was at least 18, I hated wearing heels and dresses. (Strange how something’s change very quickly huh?)
Random Fact Number Seven: Lillies are my favourite flower.

That’s it for day one.  That was pretty easy hey! Let’s see how good I am at keeping up! Look out for tomorrow’s post.  It includes food and who doesn’t love food! 🙂

C. x

P.s. I am also writing a few other posts not related to my photo challenge.  You know, those every day, boring posts.  These should be complete and posted in the next few days. 😉

I really love comments and feedback!

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