December Updates


We are one third through this month of December and it’s about time I gave you an update on my December Challenge.  The challenge set forth was 75km of running for the month.  Here in Australia we are on the 11th day of December.

I have ran a total of 29.861km. 🙂 It is 5.754km behind last month but I also included walking last month so I think I am tracking ok.

If I keep this same pace up, I should finish with about 90km racked up for the entire month. However, with Christmas almost upon us, some days are going to be a write off (eg: My work Christmas Party & Christmas Day) so while I can, I have to bring in the km’s.

 How about an update on the healthy eating and weight loss?

Well, that’s been a little off balance the last two weeks. 😦 How about that 1kg (or 900g really!) I lost two weeks ago?  Well, I have put back on in the last two weeks. 😦 This week I am going to try really hard and get back into my healthy eating and 1000 cal limit.

Now that its getting into warmer weather here, I am finding it difficult to run outside because it stays warm right until dark and I don’t want to run outside, alone, in the dark.  My treadmill is great and I love using it and seeing myself exceed speeds and km’s but I like the freshness of the air outside.  I may have to consider running in the mornings on the weekends and treadmill through the week.

I am still a little disappointed with my progress but everyone has ups and downs.  I just need to keep pushing through those small set backs and leap ahead when I am feeling right.

I ran last night on my treadmill even though I was feeling like crap and pushed my body to run at 11km/h for 20 minutes.  I originally had set a goal for 30 minutes but after eating dinner and feeling sick, I thought a 20 minute stint would be ample and at least I did some form of exercise instead of sitting on the couch.

Another run is on the cards tonight and with it being 29 degrees here today,I dare say it will be another treadmill workout.

Stay good for Santa. 😉 (There is only 14 sleeps!!!)

C. x


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