Oh Christmas Tree…

Christmas is upon us! It’s been in our face since late October and now there are only 16 sleeps until the big day.

I will be honest and say I’ve been a tad slack and only put up our tree on Friday night. :O 6 days later than what normally happens. I almost always put up our tree on the 1st of December but this year I have been busy work and this past Friday was my first free night to do anything.

I hardly ever let anyone else put up the tree. They almost always do it incorrectly. It ends up with too many coloured baubles in one spot or not enough in another. Plus, it makes me happy and keeps me busy and I love bouncing around the tree and house in my Santa hat humming Christmas Carols.

Enough talk. Here is the progression of my masterpiece.

20121207_17490920121207_175754 20121207_18014320121207_18081120121207_180946 20121207_18111020121207_181335 20121207_181459 20121207_181630 20121207_181759 20121207_18191320121207_183119 20121209_173519 20121209_173629

Ta DAAAA!!!! Doesn’t it look amazing! Of course in real life you can see that the actual branches have sparkles and glitter on them and they shine ever so pretty when it is just the lights shining up the room.  I also tinseled up the room, over the windows and around Dad’s bar.  It doesn’t make for good photography so I didn’t take any pictures but I did take some of the smaller decorations around the house.  🙂 Have a squizz.

20121209_173828 20121209_173839 20121209_173845 20121209_173919 20121209_174018 20121209_173935 20121209_173945 20121209_174042

I just love those plush toys.  If you squeeze their hands, they all sing and dance together.  Absolutely adorable. The other decorations are just ones we have had forever, or since I can remember so even though they aren’t very exciting, they do have some family value.

Just like my stocking there.  Had that since I was a little tacker.  My  brother has one exactly the same! TWINS! (Yeah I went there, ’cause we are actually twins… haha…get it!   Oh dear, time for sleep I think!)

Anyway, I LOVE CHRISTMAS and spending time with my family. They are a lovely bunch, most of the time.

Stay tuned for more Christmas-y things, like parties and presents. 🙂

16 sleeps. Stay good!

C. x

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