An Undeniable Issue

Hi, my name is Candice and I have a shoe (more correctly, high heel) problem.

It wasn’t an issue at all until I bought one pair of peep toe pumps a few years ago. (That’s them below.  Sorry for the poor quality shot. It’s quite an old picture.)  I never used to like wearing heels or even wearing dresses.  In fact, I sold my school dress in year 8 and just wore shorts to school because I was that type of girl.  A few years later and A LOT had changed.  I would own more heels than most families would own shoes, collectively.  The only issue in my eyes is that I am running out of space to put them. Eeekkk. Maybe that is because most pairs are still in their original box to keep them pristine and dust free.  ( I really need my brother to move out so I can use his room as my wardrobe ;))


Yesterday, after work, I planned on shopping for my Dad’s Christmas present, my work Kris Kringle present and getting my nails done.  Nek Minnit.  I come home with 4 pairs of shoes.

YES, 4. Let me explain.

I needed to buy my Kris Kringle present for work and I did but the shop I went to was right next to one of my favourite shoe stores, Novo.  I haven’t been in there in months because I was paying off my credit card and had no cash to buy shoes.  Long and behold, I am walking around the store, just browsing, not really liking any of the new styles when my eyes hit the clearance rack. Sitting on the middle of the rack were 2 pairs of heels, exactly the same style.  One in neon yellow and one in neon pink.  I had seen these previously, while just window shopping but knew I couldn’t afford them.  I walked around to the rack and looked at the size, 38, in both. :O I shouldn’t try these on I thought but that little devil on the other side of my brain, says “I know you want to”.  *GIVES IN* They were both a perfect fit and I was now in a dilemma.  What colour do I choose?  I have a bright pink pair already (my original pair of peep toes, up there ^) and I don’t have a yellow pair. Maybe I should get the yellow. HOL D UP A SECOND. I look at the price before the sale, $69.95 a pair.  I look at the sale price, $30.00 a pair.  Everyone knows what I did next.  Yep, I bought both.  They aren’t the towering 5 inch heels I normally buy, they are only about 3 inches but they are so cute and really really easy to walk in.  Here are a few pics.

Inca - Front

 Inca - Back

Before I get on to how I found the other 2 pairs, I’m totally going to get defensive and say it wasn’t my fault they were sitting there and looking amazing and I did find a loop hole on how to get someone else to pay for them but still have them in the process. 😉  When I was walking out of the store, on my way to get my nails done, I saw some sneakers in neon pink and neon orange. *LIGHTBULB, DIAL’S MUM”S NUMBER. NO ANSWER. TRIES AGAIN. STILL NO ANSWER. DIAL’S THE BROTHERS NUMBER. CONVERSATION. HANGS UP. SMILE* I had just conjured up a plan for him to pay for them (or at least one pair) but I still get the shoes.  I might have to wait for 2.5 weeks, but I’ll still have them. That’s correct ladies and gentleman, my brother had agreed to pay for one pair as my Christmas present this year. YAY! Did I mention, non sale stock had 50% off the second pair? No? Well it does so you guessed it, I ended up buying both colours (pink and orange) for a few reasons. 1, because they were selling like hot cakes and I didn’t want to miss out. 2, If I didn’t buy them then and there, I would have had to pay the full price again, if I changed my mind. 3, Mum decided after seeing them she’s going to pay me back for the second pair and use it as one of my Christmas presents from her. *TRIPLE WIN*  So, the only down side to this is now I have to try and forget about them for the next 2 weeks and act really surprised when I get them.  Honestly, I won’t be able to do either. I am so excited to wear them that I won’t forget and my face when I open them will be all excitement and I won’t have to act surprised.

I shouldn’t have taken a picture of them but I did, so here is the only sneak peek you’ll get until Christmas time. (I only have a picture of the pink ones, not the orange ones too.)


18 more sleeps until the “Big Red Fella’ is here, so be good. 😉

C. x

Ps.  I didn’t even manage to get my Dad’s present. LOL! I’ll have to get that next week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Undeniable Issue

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You’re a shocker girlie!

    I love how you’re relying on Josh to move out so you can have a wardrobe but then you’re convincing him to buy you more shoes.. IT’S GENIUS!!

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