Christmas Wishlist

Merry Christmas

We can finally count down to Christmas on our hands and feet. Exactly 20 days until everyone’s diets are ruined and copious amounts of turkey, ham and pudding fill our bellies.  There are also 20 sleeps until the “big red suited fella” sets off on a race around the world to brighten the lives and faces of every kid he can. (Big kids included!)  Everyone is thinking so I will just say it. PRESENTS! Yes, presents.  I understand and know the true meaning of Christmas but gift giving and receiving can be the highlight of Christmas for many, many families.  I know I get a bit of a kick when the recipient of my gifts, opens them and I can see their face. (Hopefully, it’s a happy face :))

As the years pass, people get harder and harder to buy gifts for and even when you think you are on a winner, sometimes you can be miles off.  The solution? A wishlist!  I have already written and sent my letter to Santa, asking for a few things but in case he forgets (let’s face it, he has a lot of kids to get to!) I am giving the list to my family so they can pick up the slack.

Candice’s Christmas Wishlist

I think that is a pretty reasonable wishlist. 😉 Anything that Santa and my family forget, I will just have to work hard to pay for.

This year, Christmas lunch is at my Aunty Sue and Uncle Damien’s house which is out in the country.  Fresh air, pretty ponies, warm weather and sunshine! 🙂 Sounds like bliss. (Hopefully no surprise hail storms like last year!)  I will eat too much and I will feel bad afterwards but hey, that’s what Christmas is all about.  Sharing happy moments with your family and eating lots of food. I will have a week between Christmas and New Years where I don’t have to work so I can work on my running and exercising all that food off! 😀

I am yet to put up my tree because I have been busy working on weekends and pounding the pavement running, so hopefully this weekend I will get some spare time to do it. 🙂 It will look as pretty as this one I coloured in. 😉

Keep an eye out in the next few days as I will be posting on how the creation of my masterpiece tree goes.

The things we do when we are bored! ;)
The things we do when we are bored! 😉

Make sure you stay on Santa’s good list,

C. x

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