Sorry, How Many Did You Say?

So it’s getting closer to the 4 month anniversary of me being home from Europe.  I haven’t really posted anything about where I went, what I saw and what I did.  Well, how about we start of with something super fun and exciting small.


That question has a few answers though.

I could give you the short answer.  “I arrived back in Melbourne with one pair of heels in my luggage. 🙂 Everyone is happy and not too much $$ was spent.”


I could give you the extended answer. “I arrived back in Melbourne with one pair of heels in my luggage, however I shipped four more pairs home. A lot of $$ was spent on buying shoes.”

Yes ladies and gents, I bought five pairs of heels while I was in Europe.

It was my goal to buy a pair of shoes in Paris, Rome and London.  I achieved 2 out of 3 of those places so that isn’t too bad.  I missed an opportunity to buy a pair in Paris because there was so many sites to see and just not enough time.  I will, however, get back there and buy a pair just so I can say, “Yes, I bought these while I was in PARIS!” *MASS GLOAT* 😉


I had to wait a week into my Contiki tour before I bought my first pair.  It was in Florence, Italy, right outside the Baptistery of Florence. The store was called Raspini. I walked into their shop and was just amazed at the display of colour and style available in the Italian summer.  First, I tried on a pair of pink stiletto’s that were in the window display and to my horror when he bough them out, they were over €300.  I was racking my brain to quickly count up how many euros I could afford to spend if they were the “ones”.  To my delight, they felt weird and just not quite right so I said no thanks.  I then saw the following pair in another window as  I was walking out and fell in love.  Vibrant colours that pictures just don’t do enough justice.  They were much better priced at €100.  I am not a big fan of a slingback heel as I find my feet tend to slip out too easy but these where just too amazing to pass up.  The blue is electric and spontaneously bright; paired with a white heel to add small amount of class and a green (yes green, even though in this picture is looks yellow, it is in fact more of a yellow-y green rather than a neon green) platform for edgy look.


I didn’t have to wait long at all to find my next pairs. (YES, 2 pairs!)  In fact, the very next city we went to. Rome. I figured it made up for the pair I missed in Paris.  After our walking tour, everyone else was knackered because it was so warm and they all just wanted to have lunch and cruise back to the campsite where they could laze around the pool. NOT ME! I was all about walking down Via dei Condotti and walking past Jimmy Choo and YSL and really wanting to go in but not waste anyone’s time because I couldn’t afford to.  I came around a road that runs adjacent to Via dei Condotti called Via del Corso.  It had more mainstream fashion and labels that suited my budget slightly better.  It was at that point my parents called me and I was just wandering up and down looking in stores when I came around one called Primadonna Collection. Wow was all I could muster at that point.  After patiently talking to my parents I bustled through the crowd and I was in heaven.  I looked at a number of heels and couldn’t decide on what colour to get.  So what do I do when I can’t decide what colour to pick?  The normal thing would be to decide what colour matches with my wardrobe more and go from there.  Unfortunately (or fortunately as I look at it ;)) I nearly always buy both. 😀 So, yep, that’s what I did. 🙂 I couldn’t go past the blue/purple snakeskin but there was something unusual about the yellow that I absolutely loved.  Eh, now I can say, ‘Yeah, I bought these in Rome!” *insert huge ego*

(Anyone thinking  I should stop buying shoes yet?)

I didn’t buy any more shoes while I was on Contiki. Okay, that was a down right lie.  I bought 2 more pairs BUT they were a pair of ballet flats and a pair of sneakers AND I ended up throwing them away before I got home because they were ruined so they don’t really count. The next pair I actually didn’t purposely go out and look for. I was on a mission to find Swatch ( you know, the Swiss watch brand) because the watch I had bought in Lucerne had a faulty and loose pin and I couldn’t wear it. On my way down Oxford Street, I just happened to pass a small shop called Retro London. Splashed across their window was SALE 70%. Ummmmmmmm, you don’t need to tell me twice. After looking around and almost deciding this shop wasn’t for me, I saw a lady trying on these shoes and I asked the shop assistant if he had any more. He said no so I kept on walking and he was like “Wait, what size did you need?” I said a UK 6 sir and he told me no issues, he had just ran out of 5’s.  He bought them out and I tried them on.  Killer Shoes! Leopard print just makes them so much better.


I am not going to go into huge detail here.  I have previously posted about this pair before.  You can find it here. This pair I bought purely on impulse at Heathrow Airport in at Kurt Geiger.  There are no words.

So there you have it.  5 pairs of heels in 8 weeks.  Not a bad effort I think.  I know how bad this is going to sound but not a lot beats the feeling on strutting around in new heels.  (I absolutely love it!) I haven’t yet bought a pair of Jimmy Choo’s but I am well on my way to getting there.  It wouldn’t surprise me if one day I end up with a wardrobe that looks like this and I will owe several colours of shoes in the latter picture. (O.M.G NIKE DUNK HEELS!)

I may also have this hanging in my room.


P.S. There was one more pair of heels I bought in London. Do you think they really count? (A Harrods High Heel Christmas Decoration :D)

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