Capturing Adventure

Ever since my holiday to Europe, I have taken an added interest in photography.  I couldn’t justify buying a new camera for the trip because I needed to save my money for buying clothes & SHOES!  I had my small point and shoot Samsung which is amazing and has a small front LCD screen for awesome selfies but a lot of other people in my group were talking about taking Digital SLR’S (DSLR’s).  I looked into them but after much consideration decided my little camera would be okay.  It was at this point and to my surprise, my uncle offered to let me use his Canon EOS 1000D.  I was stoked! Long story short I took in excess of 9500 photos in 2 months.  One could say I was a little snap happy. 😉 Since I got back, I’ve been researching the internet, through catalogues and in stores for a camera that would suit my needs.

Ladies and Gents, I think I have found it.  I welcome to you all, the Canon EOS 60D.

Obviously I can’t give you a review on but I found a pretty good one here. (The images also came from there.)  I am pretty excited about this and I am looking at getting it before the end of the year. (After my dreaded credit card is paid off and I have bought some Christmas presents!)

This new toy goes hand in hand with my new laptop as I am upgrading my Photoshop Elements to Photoshop Lightroom so I can do some serious editing. It’s all part of a new adventure I have planned for next year.  As well as my normal 9-5 (well, 8-4 actually) I am going to look at studying web design and possibly do a few courses in photography so I can mesh them together for a new hobby and if I get that good, even maybe a new career.  However, just for now, my Samsung point and shoot will do.  STAY TUNED!

Snap Happy,
C. x

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