Birthday Wishes and TD Love

One of my nearest and dearest friends turned 21 today.  She is my light when things are dark and my abundance of smiles when things are tough.  Words cannot describe how my she means to me and I will forever be greatful for her coming into my life.

It’s strange because she literally lives around the corner from me (okay, 3 corners technically) and before she joined my football club, I’d never spoken to her.  I knew her name, where she lived and how much of a champion at sport she was but that was it.  One might say I was even a little worried she might take my spot in the team. 😉 However, I got to know her and see the person she truly is and that person is an absolute GEM!  I could go for hours on how much she has helped me and been there when no one else has but I would just be blabbing. 😉

Happy 21st Birthday Louise.

May our TEE DEE LOVE FOREVER be shared every day of our everlasting friendship.

C. x

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