Goals and Achievement

Before I get on to a goal I’ve set myself this month, I must share something with the whole universe! (Okay, being realistic, just the people following this blog ;))

Last night, I jogged my first 5km, ever.


I could not be more proud of myself.  After writing about self belief yesterday, it sparked something inside of me that wanted to beat the 2 jog’s I’d done earlier this week.

(All times mentioned are literally all jogging.  They don’t include any warm up or cool down.  I always warm up and cool down for 5 minutes each).

My main goal was just to beat 18 minutes and/or 2.8km I had done on Monday.

Lately, I have been trying different combinations of jogging and walking on my treadmill to see how long I can jog without having a walk break in between.  Currently in a 20 minute set, I was at 4 minutes jog at different speeds (1 minute at 8kmh and 1 minute at 10kmh and repeated a second time) and 1 minute walk at 6kmh.  I had done this a few times and thought I was getting it down pat but this time I wanted to see how long it took for me to be wanting that walk break.

After passing 2.8km and 18 minutes, I was feel pretty tired but told myself, just five more minutes. I pushed on and I got to 25 minutes then realised I was only about 1.5km off jogging a full 5km.  Adrenaline kicked in and I took in some water and powered on.  I made it to 5km at just after 30 minutes.  I actually fist pumped the air! The smile on my face was inked on and I kept on jogging.  I wanted to make my jog time a round number so I commenced my cool down at 35 minutes, resulting in me jogging a total of 5.252km.

Overall, including my warm up, jog and cool down I covered 6.170km in a space of 45 minutes.  It may not be fast but it certainly was a tremendous achievement for myself.  I really wanted to tell someone.  Someone who would be so proud of me and share my excitement so I messaged my buddy that I went walking with on Sunday.  He said he was so proud of me.  😀 I definitely went to sleep last night knowing I had achieved something I had only dreamed about once before.  I am a very happy girl.

Now, onto goal setting.

I was scrolling the blogs I am currently following/reading earlier this month and I came across a post from Peonut about a goal she has set for herself for the month of November.  Her goal was to clock up 70km of walking/jogging/running for the month of November.  I thought to myself, “This is an amazing idea.  What a way to keep motivated.” My next thought was, “I am going to give this a crack!” As this is my first attempt, I didn’t want to set the bar ridiculously high so that I don’t achieve it and give up after a month.  I set myself a tallied goal of 50km for the entire month of November.

Here my results so far for November.
1. 3.794km
2. 0
3. 0
4. 14.911km
5. 6.831km
6. 0
7. 6.170km

Progress total: 31.706km

I am already over 60% done and it’s we are only 8 days in. 🙂 Looks like I’ll be setting the bar a little higher next month.  I’ve drawn up a chart and after each work out I can write down how much ground I’ve covered and track my progress.

I must say, I am much happier this week then I have been in a while.  Let’s hope the good times keep rolling on towards the weekend.

C. x


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