A New Chapter

So… The whole idea of this blog was to share with you how I was going to live my life to the fullest and not let anything stand in my way of conquering my goals. Well, I may have slightly gone off track with the excitement of shoes and my internal demise of happiness…


Today is a turning point or a new chapter in this process. I awoke this morning with new thoughts and new outlooks on life. One could maybe say the post I wrote yesterday stirred something inside of me and made me look at what I really have in my life and how I am fortunate to have said things.

Most of us want to succeed in life. I don’t know anyone that walks around saying, “I am happy with being a failure”. I most certainly do not. Everyone has at least one thing they want to achieve. Whether that is walking to the corner without getting tired or becoming Prime Minister, people set goals every day. In fact, I set a new one yesterday. I want to find something small in every day that makes me smile. I am currently sitting 2/2. How about that for a small boost of confidence in my search for true happiness. šŸ™‚

When I look back on things that have happened in my life, I know they have made me stronger, so I have no doubts I will overcome the issues I spoke about yesterday. (My inner self does speak to me once in a while! I hope that’s not too weird. šŸ˜‰)

~ Have I paid off BeeJayy and had him repaired? Yes. (Well Candice, let it go! It’s finished.)

~ Is my credit card paid off? Not yet but I am half way through that. (That’s a better spot than you were in last week love, don’t stress over it.)

~ Can IĀ find love for my job again? It’s possible. (Embrace what is there and don’t stressĀ about things you cannot changeĀ Candice.)

~ Have I mended my smushed heart? Honestly, No. (You have had far worse relationship fights/break ups than that… Remember that time rainbow icecream wouldn’t even fix it? You know for a fact, *x* will be there when you are ready, unlike the others. Keep that smile shining.)

When I write it down, it is far more clear to me that I am just being petty and I am much stronger than I give myself credit for. Do I have this chapter in my life “conquered”?

Ā Simple answer is no. However, the better answer is I will.

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