Birthday Wishes




Yes, I did draw all these… 🙂 Creative!

Another birthday post! CHA CHING!

Whilst counting down the days (now on one hand!!! :D) I’ve decided today’s post is dedicated to a bloke that lives around the corner from me.

Who knew that someone in my own small town, that I’d hardly spoken to except for late night IGA supermarket munchie visits would eventually become someone so special in my life.  (Ugh, mussshhyyyy!)

I’d known his sister for a few years (in fact, I have mentioned her in a previous post, dearest Louise) from my football club and we had lined up side by side on many occassions to do what we do best but I’d never seen her brother come to watch.  Anyhoo, I got injured in a game earlier this season and was finding it difficult to walk and run without my calf muscles giving me excruciating pain.  Louise suggested I talk to her brother about it because he is a myotherapist and he should be able to ease the pain, if not, fix it.

Long story short, after a few sessions of painful massages and suction cups (ouchies!) the pain was gone.   He started helping me train for the rest of the season and giving me advice on getting fit for Contiki and 2 months later, I was at my fittest and ready to jet set all over the world!

Where would I be without Gerard?  Look, honestly, I’d probably still live in my hometown, I would have gone on Contiki anyway and well, I would of toughed footy out playing injured. Not really any different I guess.  HA! Kidding! 😉 He is an amazing person, to all he cares about and that is what makes him so special.  I have not come across a more genuine bloke in my life.  He is my myotherapist, personal motivator, dietition, trainer… the list is ongoing but MOST importantly, he is one of my nearest and dearest friends and I owe him a life time of peanut M&M’s gratitude.

Life gives you so little time, so this will have to do for now.

Gerard, if you ever read this; you have picked me up off the floor (well, not literally :P) when I’ve been in my most sad moments and encouraged me to push limits I’d didn’t think I could and strive to achieve goals I thought were once impossible.  I hope you have an amazing birthday and all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

Happy Birthday Kiddo.
I love you.

C. x

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