Fitness Update…

So, it’s been one week since I started restarted my healthy eating plan. I’m not going to lie and say it was perfect and easy because IT WASN’T. I had a few setbacks. I had pizza on Friday because my boss really wanted it and I felt really bad saying no again. Actually, Friday in general was a horrible day for me with lunch and the A-League. Luckily, I had been pretty good during the week that I got off scott free. (Won’t be trying that again too often!)

Anyway, today was revised weigh-in number 1. Well.. How did I go?






I lost 1.1kg. It was such a great feeling and a better start to the week than last week. Only 4kg to go in a time span of about 5 weeks. It’s totally doable and I know with the right help and frame of mind, I can achieve it.

Today has been pretty good so far but it’s only half over. I’ve downed 2 water bottles already and am looking forward to using my treadie while X-Factor is on tonight. 🙂 One more week until physio and hopefully I can run. YAY!

C. x

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