Day 3 is the hardest


So, I’m at day 3 of my health kick and exercise plan. Day 3 of quitting smoking is apparently one of the hardest times and I’m going to say this is exactly the same.

I know everything I am doing is better for me but at the moment, all I want is chocolate!

My day consists of eating 1000 calories per day (absolutely no more than that), 3 x 600mL bottles of water and minimum of 30 minutes exercise, which is all cardio at the moment.

Today was hard as I had a long day at work and didn’t eat at the normal times my body is used to. Here is a typical day of food:

130g porridge
1/2 cup milk

1 carrot

2 cruskits
30g avocado
60g turkey breast, sliced thin
70g cucumber

1 carrot
1 apple

2 kangaroo patties
100g mixed vegies (carrots, peas and corn)


It sounds like a lot of food but about half of it are negative calorie foods. How do you get a negative calorie food you say?

Well, basically, the amount of energy and calories it takes your body to burn the food you are eating outweighs the amount of calories in the actual food. For example, 100g of cucumber contains 15 calories, meaning you could eat it all day and not get fat because it will take your body more than 15 calories to digest and process it.

I am using 2 apps on my phone to record all my food and exercise.

I am using Myfitnesspal to record all my food I eat during the day. It is so helpful and everything is in front of you so you can always see how you’re tracking.

The other app I am using is MapMyRun. You can use this for almost any exercise and it uses a GPS tracker to show where and how far you have walked or run. I find it somewhat accurate but don’t always trust the calorie recording. I generally just use to to track how far I’ve walked and how quickly I did it.

I am aiming for 6kgs in 6 weeks. My healthy eating got kicked in the butt when I went on my European holiday. I lost 4kg before I went just so I could eat whatever I wanted while I was there and come back the weight I was before. I liked the body I had then so I am trying hard to get back to that. That may not be the right thing to do but I am glad I did it otherwise I would have even more of a challenge now.

Most people look at me and say you definiately don’t need it but it would make me more confident so I am setting that goal for myself.

I ended up getting my treadmill and used it tonight properly for the first time. I only have a week and a half until I go back to the physio and hopefully then, she says I can start running again. I used to hate running but now I feel so enlightened after I’ve done it. Even though I have absolutely smashed myself, I know how much better I feel and how much I love seeing improvement. It drives me to keep pushing, as hard as I can.


It’s time for this body to relax, so sleep well lovelies and keep on running.

C. x

I really love comments and feedback!

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